Journey through scripture

Join us as we journey through scripture this year as a church. We have many resources specifically for our youth including monthly journals, monthly gatherings, and a Bible App group. 


Each month we will provide a new journal for you to pick up that will have the full and abbreviated Bible reading plan as well as a journal page for each day of that month. The full plan will include a couple of chapters each day for you to read, while the abbreviated plan will give you a couple of chapters each week to read.

Download Printable Version for January

youth Monthly Gatherings

Join us each month as a youth group as we celebrate and share about all that God is doing through our time in His word!

Mark your calendars for the first of many JTS youth gatherings January 27th from 6-7 pm at the youth building. 

Want to connect more?

Join a special "MR Youth" group through the Bible App.

This will allow you to read using our same plan on the app as well as post and see others post in a group chat daily! If you would like to join, text one of the youth staff for the link or go to to find the link to sign up! We would love for you to join us!

Sign up here!