Mission Trip Changes

We are so excited to announce some changes that we have made to our summer mission trips that will go in effect Summer 2018! The goal of this new structure is to give our students a taste of missions in their own city, in their country, and then around the world. In order to accomplish this goal, we are moving to a new "tiered" structure for our trips that is outlined below. As a general rule, we want students to work through each "tier" before moving on to the next one so that by that time they graduate from high school they have a taste of what missions can look like in each context. We are so excited to announce the trips for each tier for Summer 2018 below!

Tier 1 - Going Greenville

July 8-13, 2018

In order to encourage our younger students to become involved in missions locally and in an effort to show them the many mission opportunities around out own city, our 6th and 7th graders go on an "in-town" mission trip, doing various projects around the city of Greenville.  This will be a 5 day, 5 night "trip" where our Jr. High students will come and stay at the Youth Center overnight and be sent out eat day to help with different ministries like Miracle Hill, Salvation Army or to do yard work for some of our Senior Saints & widows. Our hope and prayer is for God to transform us & those we serve for His Glory! Please note the change in grades this year, as previously Going Greenville was for 6th-8th grade students.

Tier 2 - Chattanooga, TN

July 7-14, 2018

Tier 2 of our new mission trip structure is a domestic trip for 8th-12th grade students. This year, we are heading to Chattanooga, TN to work with Hope For the Inner City. The goal for this trip is to go to a city within the United States that is different for our students, but opens their eyes to the needs around our country, especially in the inner city. The trip will also serve as the "move up" date for 8th grade students into high school. Mission trips provide a unique opportunity for team bonding and it is our hope and prayer that this trip will serve as a great transition for 8th grade students into Sr. High. 

  • Who? Current 8th-12th Grade Students
  • Organization: Hope for the Inner City
  • Trip Cost: $450
  • Team Leader: Kaitlin Bunge (ksanders@mitchellroad.org)

Tier 3 - Alberta, Canada

July 6-14, 2018

The third tier of our new mission trip structure is a trip for 10th-12th grade students into another country with a cross-cultural emphasis. We want students to see physical and spiritual needs of people around the world and to get a taste of what Jesus meant when he called his people to go to all nations. This year, we will be serving with MNA church planters Rohan and Rebecca Crown in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Lethbridge is home to a large First Nations Reserve and is the landing place of immigrants from all across the world. So while Canada might not seem very cross-cultural, this city definitely is. Rohan and Rebecca have been serving in Canada since 2003 and have planted Amazing Grace Community Church in Lethbridge. Our students will be coming alongside Rohan and Rebecca in their ongoing ministry in Canada, helping their church run a large community sports and kids camp next summer.

  • Who? Current 10th-12th Grade Students
  • Organization: MNA Church Planters Rohan and Rebecca Crown (Amazing Grace Church)
  • Approximate Trip Cost: $950 -$1,000 (TBD based on flight costs)
  • Trip Leader: Neel Skelton (nskelton@mitchellroad.org)


Below is a link to the 2018 Mission Trips Application. In order to be a part of a team for the summer of 2018, applications need to be turned in to the youth staff by Sunday, December 13th. Please let the youth staff know if you have any questions! We are praying that the Lord will lead and guide students to the right team and to call them specifically to one of these places to serve in the name of Jesus. 

2018 Mission Trip Application